Complete overview and use of Stremio

There’s no shortage of streaming options available. You can find almost anything you need on free services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and even Crackle. The purpose of Stremio is not to simplify your subscription, but to support HTPCs, and you will find out why later in the review of Stremio and using Stremio.

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Stremio is an international media service.

Choose what you want

Movies. Television. Sports. Music. Audiobooks. Podcasts. Over 200,000 hours of content for every taste. We work with FOX, BBC, Sony, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures and other global studios to provide even more content. We also broadcast UEFA Champions League matches, European Cups and top sporting events, including Top Rank boxing. All so you always have a choice and so you can rest easy.
Complete overview and use of Stremio 1

Quality matters

Sometimes you watch a TV show and the character speaks with a delay, and sometimes it even turns into a pixel monster. Or worst of all – the sound sticks at the moment of hitting the goal! Poor quality just spoils the impression of watching it. That’s why it’s comfortable with us – we have only quality picture and translation. The Stremio catalog offers UHD, HDR and 4K movies for an enjoyable viewing experience and among the languages available for viewing are Ukrainian, English, Azeri, Lithuanian, Kazakh, Estonian, Georgian and others.

Content for Everyone

Stremio is changing users’ habits of modern content consumption: TV with interactive features, high-quality movies and cartoons, a system of recommendations for content based on benefits, its own thematic interactive channels, a separate section with games on Smart TV, thousands of audio books and podcasts. Stremio can be accessed on Smart TVs, media players, Apple TV set-top boxes, Android TV, game consoles, smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android, as well as on computers. We also strive to make content accessible to all users, so we regularly increase the catalog of content in sign language and with audio descriptions


In the library, you can keep track of your frequently watched movies, shows, and even channels. To visit Discover to find a movie, show or channel, just click the Add to Library icon.

You can also use the search bar to find movies, TV shows, and channels. When you select an item, a sidebar appears with an overview, cast and other information. Three large buttons should appear at the bottom: Trailers (may not be available), Add to Library, and View Movie/Series. To add to the library, click the button with that label.

If you’ve been looking for movies about casinos and other gambling, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can easily find the best movies on the subject. Enjoy watching them! Filmmakers over the years have turned to the theme of casinos for a number of reasons. Over time, however, the image of casinos in films has gradually transformed. As the industry has evolved, the nature of the services provided has changed. Keeping up with the times, filmmakers have exposed the subject in a different way. All of this can be easily traced by enjoying watching movies on our Stremio service.

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This service will turn your computer and TV into a fairly advanced home media center. MediaPortal is an open-source program. This software will allow you to listen to your favorite radio stations (online radio), watch and store video and DVDs, view, schedule and record live TV shows, and much more. That means you can help develop MediaPortal or customize it to your own needs with a lot of innovative plug-ins from the huge community of this great program.

This player, one of the most popular programs for watching movies with subtitles. It plays all known media formats, performs LiveUpdate to update the latest codecs, when there is a problem opening a movie file, the program automatically searches for appropriate subtitles in all Languages. Unlike most players, it does not overlay MediaPlayer, and uses DirectX, which makes it possible to watch any movie. The program also integrates a speech synthesizer that allows you to watch movies with subtitles with a dubbing reader.
Complete overview and use of Stremio 2

Stremio as a media center

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The Stremio multimedia center, can play virtually any video file. Miro offers over 6000 free Internet TV channels and video podcasts. There are many different options, features, and tools in the program – a whole multimedia studio.

Is Stremo safe?

The app is completely safe to use as it does not host movies and TV shows. The Stremio app is just a 3rd party app that guides you to the available streaming options.