Features of Stremio

Media center apps have been in vogue for a long time. The growing number of streaming services makes it almost essential to have a powerful media center to manage it all.

And while apps like Plex and Kodi have established themselves as market leaders, there are plenty of other options out there with their own benefits. For example, Stremio is a multi-platform media center application that is rapidly gaining popularity, especially among PC users.

What makes Stremio different from the likes of Kodi? Is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Stremo good?

Stremio: a more compact and more evil alternative
There’s a reason why Kodi is the number one choice for a media center app. It has many features that you would be hard pressed to find in other apps, making it a great choice for advanced users.

But not every user needs all these features. Most people just want to stream their favorite shows and movies without any fancy bells and whistles. In these cases, a simpler interface would be a better choice.

Stremio is a media center app that promises just that. The clean and clear interface makes it much easier to navigate. Thanks to the optimized design, the app runs much faster, especially on PC.

Features of Stremio
Stremio stands out from other similar streaming aggregators with a bunch of unique features. Here’s a quick overview:

Clean interface

Stremio’s most obvious advantage over other media center apps is the simplified user interface. Shows and movies are easy to find and discover by combining content from multiple sources.

Platforms like Netflix and YouTube are integrated by default, allowing users to get started without having to set up any additional add-ons. Stremio also offers an extensive catalog of popular series and movies to watch, with sourcing for any selected content.

Torrent support

Stremio is one of the few media center apps that supports torrent streaming. Instead of downloading the full torrent video and playing it, you can simply stream it directly with Stremio.

As you’d expect, this opens up a whole new range of video streaming sources, allowing you to access much more multimedia content than is available on major streaming platforms alone.

Community Additions

Another strength of Stremio is its customizability. Add-ons – both official and community-created – can be installed to unlock more content sources and get more entertainment.

And since Stremio can handle torrents, many of these third-party add-ons clean up torrent files, allowing you to stream them as well.

Higher speeds

Media center apps, while convenient, often run a little slower. This is especially true for more feature-rich apps, as powerful plugins often slow down core functionality.

Stremio excels at keeping things simple and fluid. Its performance is much better than leading apps like Kodi, especially on PC.

On a slower internet connection, you can even preload any video, preventing it from buffering while you watch. This works when Stremio is minimized, so you can continue other activities while your media is fully loaded.

Calendar visualization

Another handy feature is the calendar. It keeps track of the shows added to your library by displaying dates when upcoming episodes are scheduled to air. You can also be notified when a new episode is released, which is always welcome.